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Clio Cultivation - Hydroponic Growing Supplies & Equipment

Thousands of items in store or online at the lowest wholesale prices

Commercial Grow Lighting Supplier

Are you looking online for grow shops near me? If so, we are what you’re looking for. Many people also look for “hydroponic grow store near me” and “marijuana grow supplies near me”, and Clio Cultivation is mostly where they end up. If you want great hydroponic grow systems, equipment, or supplies, then stop by our hydroponics store in Michigan, or buy whatever you need through our online store. We are also available to help you decide what you need by phone too. Get all your indoor growing supplies and indoor gardening supplies from Clio Cultivation, a leading indoor growing supplies store, and aquaponic and hydroponic grow store. We serve all the USA including Metro Detroit, Flint, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Chicago, New York, Wisconsin, and of course Michigan.